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Expert Rodent Extermination

Rodents not only make a mess around your home, they can also affect your well-being. Mice and other rodents are known to contaminate food and spread diseases. It can be much more harmful than you might think. Avoid potential germs and rodent-caused mess and damages to your property by calling MVP Pest Control LLC. Let us make sure we catch the problem before that happens!

Don't let little critters cause big problems

Rodents can build nests in the floorboards and walls of your property that can lead to structural damage that often isn't discovered until the damage is extensive.


Don't let a little mouse become a big problem. Also, don't risk losing your recently purchased groceries because of a rodent problem. Our professional team will inspect your home for any structural problems and seal any openings before we exterminate them safely and humanely.

Any kind of rodent, any kind of property


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We'll get of rid of your rodent problem.


Rat Mouse


MVP Pest Control LLC will take care of all kinds of rodents, including mice, rats, and moles. We can handle rodent extermination in any residential or commercial property.


Once the offending rodetns are eliminated, we recommend on-going rodent control services, including regular inspections, to maintain the integrity of the seal-out points and control the rodent population going forward. This also helps us control the existing population of mice and moles.

As the leading pest control company in the greater Milwaukee area, we know how to take care of your problem.